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LEGO Company: History, Production, Features

LEGO company: history, production, features

The world famous Lego company was founded back in 1932. It turns out that its founder is Danish resident Ole Kirk Christiansen, who at that time worked as a foreman of joiners and carpenters. Then the main task of the company was the manufacture of toys capable of developing imagination, ingenuity, as well as the creative abilities of the child.

Fifteen years later, the company expands its own production and begins the production of plastic toys. From the moment it appears to this day, parts of the lego remain compatible with each other. Despite the new design and shape, old lego pieces can be combined with new ones without any problems.

Today Lego game is a series of constructions that are sets of parts for modeling and assembling various objects. Children and adults will be able to quickly assemble anything from colorful elements: various vehicles, buildings, moving robots and much more. Also, everything built can be easily disassembled and rebuilt something.
The company began manufacturing plastic parts back in 1949. Over time, she expanded the scope of activities, gradually creating a variety of games, films, contests, as well as theme parks.

How is children’s favorite Lego construction set created?

All parts without exception are created according to certain standards with a very high degree of accuracy. The cubes created in our time easily fit into the elements made in 1958. You can connect them without much effort and in the future they do not disconnect.

They make world-famous designers in Denmark, the Czech Republic, Mexico and China. 

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