You know that mystery sensor that mindsensors had on their “Coming Soon” page? 
Well, they named it!  Yup, now, it’s a “Touch Screen Overlay for NXT”  “This Touch
Screen Overlay is designed to fit on the NXT brick, over the LCD, and correspond the
touch point with LCD pixels.”
Pretty neat!

Take the Technic Challenge!  The challenge is starting once again!  Don’t know what
it is?

The competition is very simple

  1. Build a model out of primarily LEGO Technic elements.
  2. Take a picture of the model
  3. Press the button below to Enter the competition
  4. Enter your contact information
  5. Upload your image

What to build?

This month (March) the competition focuses on Linear movement.
Build a cool model with nice functions based on linear movement – with or without
the linear actuator!

Read a Designer’s Blog entry explaining more about Linear Actuators.

How does it work?

Right now you can submit models – On the 15th of March – a panel of judges
consisting of designers, marketing managers, building instruction artists and more will
pick out (of all submissions) 10 finalists that will then be put up for voting here on the
site. Considerations for the Nominees will be based on Model, Design, build to theme
and age.

The winner will receive a prize and also continue to the Big Finale in October.

Cool!  Are you going to try it?  I think I will…I think I’ll make a motion simulator!  :-
O Good Luck!

LEGO Mindstorms is holding a survey for all who want to share about online interaction

Do you think Bluetooth on the NXT is a bit slow for what you need?  Do you wish
you had something fast enough?  Are you an NXT-G user?  If you answered “yes” to
all three questions, the RS-485 block is for you!  With speeds up to 921600 bps, RS-
485 will make any motion practically at the same time!  Thanks Andy Milluzzi!

How do the Linear Actuators work (both new and old)?
Hello everyone!  The Techinc designers have posted something new on the Technic
blog!  You can see it HERE(link).  I will write a quick summery for you!

Hello everyone!  The Techinc designers have posted something new on the Technic
blog!  I will write a quick summery for you!

This is the old fashion way of doing a Linear Actuator: (1) You would turn the worm gear which
would rotate the (2) 8t gear and moving the (3) gear rack back and forth.

The old LA (the longer one), for me, worked pretty well.  But it wasn’t able to lift heavy loads without
the clutch engaging.  Here’s how it works: The user puts an axle in the orange clutch
mechanism (1) and the turns the white threaded tube (kind of like the worm gear up
above)(3) and that pushes the threaded piston in and out (4).

The new LA (I don’t have yet  ) looks really nice!  Here’s how it works: The user attaches an
axle on the orange axle end which is also the “worm gear” in this example (1).  Then,
the piston goes in and out (2).  This LA has a clutch system as well (3).

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