LEGO Company: History, Production, Features

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LEGO company: history, production, features The world famous Lego company was founded back in 1932. It turns out that its founder is Danish resident Ole Kirk Christiansen, who at that time worked as a foreman of joiners and carpenters. Then the main task of the company was the manufacture of toys capable of developing imagination, … Read moreLEGO Company: History, Production, Features

Today – Lego fan, tomorrow – IT Architect and VDR provider

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Lego Games are loved for their ability to develop logical and structural thinking. Isn’t it necessary for future IT developers to create a secure data room? Many of us in our childhood were designers and built various pieces and houses of Lego parts. Psychologists argue that this game not only entertains, but also helps structurally … Read moreToday – Lego fan, tomorrow – IT Architect and VDR provider