Good Websites and Blogs

MINDSTORMS NXT/Technic Blogs/websites:

*) The official Mindstorms Website
*) NXTLog is a good place for inspiration
*) The NXT Step is a VERY good blog if you need information about NXT
*) MindBOARDS is the replacement for the NXTasy forums. It should be a great forum to use!
*) NXTPuny’s blog is a good blog to go to for RobotC stuff, his MOC’s, and more!
*) Bazmarc’s blog is a French blog (the link is a translated version of his blog) has LOTS of cool stuff.
*) Roboblog is a German blog that has some Mindstorm News and some all-around robotics.
*) Moonbots challenge!
*) Nico71′s website. LOT’S of great Technic creations!
*) Technic Bricks is a GREAT website for all of your MINDSTORMS and Technic news needs!
*) The LEGO Models Directory is a very good page if you want to buy a LEGO set! All you do is search for
what LEGO set you want, and it’ll give you a link to! Check it out!
*) Muntoo’s WordPress site is a great blog! He uses math and robotics to make some of the great
projects he’s done!
Normal LEGO blogs:
*) The Brothers Brick is a good LEGO news site.
More coming soon! Do YOU have one? Or, did I miss one? Send me an Email at: [email protected]